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B-carb contains chelated Boron and Nitrogen, can be used for boron deficiency treatment, in both foliar spray and fertigation usage. Boron in an essential element for cell division in meristem tissues, blooms and leaf buds growth, plant general recovery, development of phloem tissue, protein and carbohydrate metabolism, photosynthetic elements transition to sinks and cell membrane permeability. Also Boron has an important role in pollen tube growth and bearing stage. Lack of Boron is a general problem in major agricultural soil in Iran and it cause growth inhibition, lack of fertility in blossoms and finally decrease bearing procedure. Application of B-carb is highly recommended for crops that they are sensitive to boron deficiency such as: Sugar beet, cotton and …
Liquid boron fertilizerIngredients:Chelated boron and ethanol Amin
B carbBoronNitrogen
RepetitionDosageTime of usePlant
FertigationFoliar spray
once2-5 liters in hectare1-2 liter in hectareTillering in cereals,before bloomsin otherCrops (wheat, barley, sugar beet, Cotton, beans, sugar beet, rice…)
twice2-5liters in hectare1-2liter in 1000 liter of waterBefore blooms, after harvestTrees(apple, nuts, olive, peach, grape, cherries)
once2-5liters in hectare1-2liter in 1000 liter of waterVegetative growth until bloomingGreen houses
once2-5liters in hectare1-2liter in 1000 liter of waterWith vegetative growth, repeat deviancy occurs againGrasses , ornamentals and other plants

all kind of agricultural products.
Keep out of reach of children
Keep in dry and cool place. In case of eyes or skin exposures wash with plenty of water.

Specified boron supplier •
Blossom and pollination enhancement •
Bearing increase •
Activation of enzymes that getting involve in important processes
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