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Guaranteed analysis: Phosphorus 30%, Nitrogen 5% The High-Phoscarb contains phosphorus and ammonium that provide plant needs for these elements in every kind of plantations. Phosphorus is one of the most significant parts of cell nucleus formation and also it is necessary in cell division process, especially in early stages of plant growth. Phosphorus is essential for root system improvement, so it is crucial to providing enough amount of it in most cereal seed beds, root growth inducing, nutrients storage enhancement , carbohydrates transfer, improvement in bearing habit, positive effect on fruit quality and early ripening are other sites of actions of phosphorus in plants. Ammonium formulation of nitrogen has a high absorption rate in early stages of seed grow and it also helps seed germination. Phosphorus in
Liquid sulfur fertilizer with Potassium and Amino acidIngredients:
High phoscarbPhosphorus(P2O5)Nitrogen(N)
RepetitionDosageTime of usePlant
FertigationFoliar spray
2 times2-4 liters in hectare1-2liter in hectareDuring growth season ,stem extension, before ripeningCrops (wheat, barley, sugar beet ,Cotton, beans, sugar beet, rice…)
2 times3-5 liters in hectare1-2liter  in 1000 liter of waterBud burst until blooming, fruiting periodTrees(apple,nuts,olive,peach,grape,cherries)
2 times2 liters in hectare1-2liter in 1000 liter of waterPrimary session, repeat after a monthVegetables (cucumber,tomato,pepper,potato)
2 times3-4 liters in hectare1-2liter in 1000 liter of waterBud burst, after bearing ,after harvestcitrus
2times2 liters in hectare1-2 in 1000 liter of waterDuring growth season ,repeat after a moth if deficiencies occur againGrasses and other plants

all kind of agricultural products.
Keep out of reach of children
Keep in dry and cool place. In case of eyes or skin exposures wash with plenty of water.
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