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Salt out is a calcium based suspension that it is very useful for alkaline soils with high ranges of salinity, because it decrease salinity to a reasonable level. The salinity is a huge problem in Iran agricultural soils that contain salts such as sodium chloride. Salt existence in soils cause impermeability and compaction, so it leads to plant weakness and even crop loss. Nano calcium in this product makes plants healthier and it improve root system growth. Calcium ions are more attracted to soil Colloid than Sodium ions. The sodium ions are the main reason of soil salinity and these ions beside chloride ion can cause severe physiological damages in plants. Other types of ions damage plant growth only at high rates. Sodium ion would be fixed on soil colloids so by using of this product, sodium ions would be released and then replace by calcium ions. Finally these sodium ions transferred to the bottom layer of the soil and they became unavailable for root system. The primary signs of soil salinity in plants are decreasing photosynthesis, lipids and energy producing metabolism. The first symptoms are shown in leaves but the growth continues until the salt pressure chronically rises.
: Calcium sulphate Nano suspension 4%, Nitrogen 7%
Calci-Bor carbCalciumNitrogen

Reduce root and shoots growth •
Decaying of old leaves by accumulation of sodium •
High levels of sodium can stop enzyme proceeding in cytoplasm. •
Plasma membrane damaging is high salinity. •
Sodium can enter xylem so it stops water evaporating.

o Modification of soil structure
o Inhibition of salinity in rhizosphere area
o Enhancement of nutrients absorption
o Applicable in salty water resources.
Method of application: Fertigation. It can be used for all seasons and it is so effective according to the soilsalinity level; it should be 20-50 liters per hectare and repeat every 2-3 times every year. For a medium salinity: 35 liters per hectare

all kind of agricultural products.
Keep out of reach of children
Keep in dry and cool place. In case of eyes or skin exposures wash with plenty of water.
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