Silico Carb

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Silicocarb is a combination of silica and potassium in base of synergism effect between this two elements and it suitable for all plantations especially for cereal crops such as rice and wheat. Silica is an essential microelement in biochemical and structural aspects. It improves photosynthesis procedure by chlorophyll production and also regulation of enzymes operation that engage in co2 process so it leads to more productivity. In addition to what have mentioned above, silica induce plant resistance against pests or environmental stresses by accumulation in plant cell wall and increasing in cell wall thickness and also by phenollic and chittin accumulation or induction of immune system
Silicate Potassium liquid fertilizerIngredients:
silicocarbSio2  silicaK2O potassium
RepetitionDosageTime of usecrops
FertigationFoliar spray
23-4 liters in hectare2 liter in hectareSeed bed, before panicles initiation, mature grainRice
23 liters in hectare1.5 liter in hectareIn boost, headingCereals (wheat, Barley, Maize)
13-5 liter in hectare1-2liter in hectareBearingTrees(apple, nuts, olive, peach, grape, cherries)
13-4 liters in hectare2 liters in 1000 liter of waterFirst stages and after a monthVegetables (cucumber, tomato, pepper, potato)
21.5 liters in hectare1.5 liter in 1000 liter of waterBuds burst, Bearing stage, after harvestCitrus
22-4 liters in hectare2liter in 1000 liter of waterWith vegetative growthGrasses and other plants

all kind of agricultural products.
Keep out of reach of children
Keep in dry and cool place. In case of eyes or skin exposures wash with plenty of water.
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