Super PGR

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Water soluble powder with N-phenyl phetalamat active ingredient that act as growth regulator for foliar spray. Lots of bloom fall happens because of impropriate nutrition conditions. Super PGR is a natural growth regulator that induces plants blooming so it leads to more productivity. It has important beneficial in plants such as bearing procedure , expand poling time, blooms stability , fruits uniformity and also improve plant resistance against environmental stresses.
Plant growth regulator with N-phenyl_phetalamic acid active ingredient
DosageTime of usePlant
Foliar spray
400 gram in 400 liters of waterBefore bloomsCrops (sugar beet, Cotton, beans, sugar beet, rape seed…)
400 gram in 400 liters of waterBefore bloomsTrees(apple, nuts, olive, peach, grape, cherries)
400 gram in 400 liters of waterBefore bloomsVegetables (cucumber, tomato, pepper, potato)
400 gram in 400 liters of waterHeadingwheat, barley, rice
400 gram in 400 liters of waterBefore bloomscitrus
Method of application: foliar spray

all kind of agricultural products.
Keep out of reach of children
Keep in dry and cool place. In case of eyes or skin exposures wash with plenty of water.
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