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Calci-carb can be used for calcium deficiencies treatment in both foliar spray and fertigation methods. Calcium is the main factor for cell wall formation and also it affects cell division and also it has crucial role in ATP and Phospholipids hydrolysis. Calcium plays significant role in cellular organelles and also for responding against environmental or hormonal signals. Calci-carb has chelate technology in its formulation so it can be used for any kinds of plantations. Calcium deficiencies make young leaves shapeless and rolled upward or downward also it decrease root growth. Application of this fertilizer induces bolting mechanism in plants and it also enhances fruit quality and storage durability. With respect to calcium role in plants metabolism, Calci-carb effectively helps crops quality.
Liquid Calcium fertilizerIngredients:Calcium 10%, EDTA 3%, (Calcium Nitrate, EDTA)
Calci carbCalciumEDTA
RepetitionDosageTime of usePlant
FertigationFoliar spray
2-3 times1 liters in hectare200-300 cc in hectareDuring growth season ,stem extension, ripeningCrops (Wheat, Barley, Corn, Rapeseed, Sugar beet, Cotton, Rice, Beans, …)
2-3 times1-2 liters in hectare200-300 cc in 1000 liter of waterBud burst until blooming, fruiting before harvestFruit trees (Apple, Pear, Nuts, Olive, Peach, Cherries, Grape, …)
2 times1 liters in hectare250 cc in 1000 liter of waterPrimary session, fruiting before harvestVegetables (Cucumber, Tomato, Pepper, Potato)
2-3 times1-2 liters in hectare200-300 cc in 1000 liter of waterBud burst, after bearing ,repeat after a moth if deficiencies occur againcitrus
2times1 liters in hectare250 cc in 1000 liter of waterDuring growth season ,repeat after a moth if deficiencies occur againGrasses , Ornamentals and other plants

all kind of agricultural products.
Keep out of reach of children
Keep in dry and cool place. In case of eyes or skin exposures wash with plenty of water.

Specified Calcium supplier •
Fruit size increasing by cell wall elongation •
Increase plant resistance against environmental stresses •
Increase inventory characteristic •
Supply calcium in different growth stages
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